Q. Can I use a HOOGA Outdoor Fireplace on my deck?

A. Most decks are made of wood, the same material used as fuel in our fires. We urge extreme caution if using your HOOGA on a deck.

Q. Is there a grill option for a HOOGA?

A. Sure is. We make optional grill inserts for the HOOGA Original and
Grasshopper, and the Cricket comes with a grill as standard.

Q. Do you sell through retailers or dealers?

A. We’re a manufacturer-direct company, so we don’t sell HOOGA products through retailers or dealers.

Q. Does Corten steel leave rust stains on paving and other surfaces?

A. In the early stages of rusting/ weathering outdoors, Corten steel can leave rust stains. This is caused by rain and moisture run off from the raw steel. Once it has fully developed its rusty patina, rust staining should not be a problem as the surface is effectively sealed.

Q. Can I use a HOOGA Outdoor Fireplace as a pizza oven?

A. We’ve been reliably informed that you can make cracking pizzas by using a pizza stone placed on a HOOGA grill insert.

Q. What is the delivery time for HOOGA products?

A. That depends on where you live. Generally we say to allow 2-3 days for delivery. Any less is a bonus.

Q. Do you offer a painted version of HOOGA Outdoor Fireplaces?

A. We don’t offer a painted version because the direct heat from a working HOOGA is so intense that no high temperature paint can withstand it for prolonged periods.