Safety & Tips

The Common Sense Guide to Using Your HOOGA Moveable Outdoor Fireplace Safely

We recommend all HOOGA customers read the following carefully. The Department of Good Times Limited accepts no responsibility for any damage or tragedy arising from foolish, dangerous or inappropriate use of a HOOGA.

1. Use outdoors only

Before lighting, make sure your HOOGA is at least one metre away from buildings, structures, vegetation, and any other combustible objects.

2. Move your HOOGA into position before lighting.

Choose a stable, level surface and push down the lock on the locking wheel.

3. Check wind strength and direction.

Never light your HOOGA if there’s a risk of wind blown sparks being a danger to people or property.

4. Watch out for children.

The surfaces of a HOOGA become very hot and are a danger to little fingers. Please ensure undersized humans (and pets) are well supervised around the fire.

5. Check local fire laws.

We don’t accept any responsibility for illegal use of a HOOGA.

6. Keep your guard up.

Never leave a HOOGA unattended, even for short periods, without putting the guard up.

General HOOGA Tips

Your HOOGA is made from heavy gauge Corten steel – so it will gradually weather outdoors to a beautiful, golden rusty colour. Don’t be alarmed if it starts to look a bit patchy – it will even up. Some people put the hose on Corten to speed up the process, but evening dew and rain will do the job.

Build up a good base of embers before loading on the big logs. In a perfect world (when we have the supply!), we would start with kindling and cabbage tree leaves, followed by some old man pine to get things roaring, and then some harder wood logs (e.g. manuka) for a long, hot burn. We like to really crank the HOOGA up initially, to get a wide base of hot embers.

If you happen to have any cabbage trees growing on your property, the dried dead leaves make brilliant fire starters, so load heaps of them in under your kindling.
A HOOGA works best when the steel is hot. You may experience some initial smoking as the kindling catches fire, but once the HOOGA gets going it will start to draw. When we’re having friends over for a HOOGA, we light the fire about 45 minutes in advance, so it’s roaring and looking impressive by the time they arrive.

HOOGAs are for people who like a serious fire. So don’t hold back – get that fire blazing!

Only use completely dry wood on your HOOGA.

Macrocapa makes terrible kindling.