Man Needs Fire

The HOOGA Moveable Outdoor Fireplace

Building an outdoor wood burning fireplace that works in the unpredictable circumstances of a kiwi back yard requires the right balance of dimension, angle, chimney size and placement.

1. 4mm thick Corten steel
2. Heat shielded handle
3. Stainless steel castors – includes 2 x swivel + 1 x locking
4. Removable two-way fire guard
5. Spark arrestor

Why We Use Corten Steel

HOOGA Moveable Outdoor Fireplaces are built with heavy gauge Corten steel – also known as weathering steel because its unique alloy composition provides increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion. When left to weather outdoors, the surface develops a golden, rusty patina that actually protects the steel underneath. The raw steel look of a new HOOGA will start to change quite quickly outdoors and should be fully rusted in 2-3 months.

HOOGA Original

The Original is our first and biggest moveable fireplace that has cultivated a loyal following amongst pyromaniacs from Northland to Invercargill.

HOOGA Grasshopper

Purpose built for smaller spaces, the Grasshopper punches well above its weight when it comes to sheer heat generation. It’s over-engineered to the same ridiculous standards as its heftier sibling and looks right at home in the garden or out on the terrace in deepest suburbia.

HOOGA Cricket

Don’t be deceived by its smaller stature, for the Cricket is no midget when it comes to performance.

The Camper

Featuring retractable legs and all stainless steel construction, the Camper portable grill is purposefully designed to endure those regular outings to the coast

HOOGA Grill (Optional)

Grill inserts come in two sizes to fit the HOOGA Original and HOOGA Grasshopper.

CUUBA Planter Boxes

We still can’t decide if it’s a rustic looking planter box, a bulletproof outdoor toy box or a wood stash for keeping HOOGA fuel handy. Whatever its true purpose, we know you’ll find an application for this utilitarian piece of cubism somewhere, somehow.​

HOOGA Firepots

A heavy-duty reinvention of Grandad’s wick-powered kerosene flares from the 70s, these are a step up in candle power. Pack them tight with split dry kindling and light with firelighters or a safe measure of kero. Sold in pairs.​